Impala Mediaworks works on a pre-paid retainer basis for all ongoing maintenance and edits beyond first publication. You can pay as you go for a project with a minimum 1-hour block, or purchase larger pre-paid blocks of time at a discount.

  • 4 hours – $190.00 (Great for ongoing maintenance or ”pay as you go” project management)
  • 8 hours –      $380.00
  • 12 hours – $560.00 (A discount on a larger block of time, most suitable for the creation of a basic 5-6 page website)
  • 20 hours – $900.00 (Great for businesses who need regular website updates, or who need advanced web solutions – e.g., an eStore, affiliate marketing setup, online photo galleries, or social media integration and management)

When your time is used, you can simply purchase another block of time of your choosing for any ongoing work! All time blocks must be used within one calendar year of purchase.